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In 2022, NAMD’s members made strides leading millions closer to living their healthiest lives

NAMD’s FY2022 Annual Report explores the work NAMD has done in the past year.


When it comes to annual reports, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right?

That might be true for many, but at NAMD, our members – the Medicaid Directors from every state, D.C. and the territories, make our annual recap of accomplishments and progress stand out. When you consider that as we prepare to officially exit the pandemic Medicaid enrollment is at its highest point ever with more than 89 million Americans using the insurance to access the health care they need, that progress is critical to the health and wellbeing of our entire country.

As with past crises in our country, Medicaid became a first responder, finding ways to help connect hurting Americans with the health care they needed, and infusing financial support into communities rocked by pandemic shutdowns and their ripple effects. Medicaid Directors and their staff remain at the forefront of this ongoing effort and continue to navigate the ever-changing circumstances of the “new normal.”

Over the last year, NAMD played a foundational role in increasing awareness about the impact of Medicaid and CHIP and the expertise of state and territorial leaders. We represented and elevated Medicaid Directors at numerous national-level events hosted by state associations, congressional organizations, and industry leaders. While unwinding from the public health emergency dominated the discussions, of course, we also elevated the states’ perspectives on behavioral health, high-cost prescription drugs, managed care contracting and oversight, maternal and child health, equity, and the need for cross-agency collaboration, among many other topics.

We released public communications demonstrating how states are leading out of the pandemic and where Medicaid is headed, how states are preparing for unwinding and how state and federal-level partners can facilitate, not hinder, this effort. We also continued our national thought leadership as one of the founding members of the Public Sector Leadership Consortium, helping public sector leaders connect with the unique types of information to support their work and aid their professional development.

We offered programming to support Medicaid leadership at all levels in learning about successful ways to operationalize and lead Medicaid programs. Much of the state-to-state programming was focused on – can you guess? Yep. Unwinding from the public health emergency. NAMD also convened regular and frequent discussions with states and Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services on issues related to unwinding, but also on topics like managed care, access, eligibility, and budget neutrality.

These are just a few of the ways we lived our mission to support and elevate Medicaid Directors and leadership to ensure that millions of people across our nation and the territories can achieve their best health.

See our annual report here.

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