Medicaid is one of the nation’s most vital health care safety net programs, providing health coverage for more than 72 million Americans. Medicaid – often called different names in different states – serves as the largest payer of births, mental health services and long-term care in America. The program is jointly funded by federal and state governments, but administered by states under broad federal standards.

Each of the 56 Medicaid programs in states, U.S. territories and the District of Columbia operates differently, resulting in considerable complexity in many areas, including financing arrangements. At the same time, over the years, state Medicaid programs have grown and evolved to encompass a disproportionate percentage of state budgets. As states face ongoing budget challenges and changes brought on by health care reform, Medicaid directors have increasingly focused on increasing the value of health care services for members by reducing costs and improving access to care.

Medicaid directors work tirelessly to provide the best possible health care to vulnerable Americans while being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. State Medicaid directors are driving significant reforms to not only the Medicaid program, but the underlying health care system.

NAMD supports Medicaid financing measures that allow state Medicaid directors to flexibly drive innovations, maintain successful improvements and diffuse effective new approaches throughout the system.

Technical Considerations in ACA Repeal & Replace and Medicaid Structural Reform Proposals

Two new NAMD documents outline key Medicaid issues and operational considerations for policymakers should they move forward in evaluating proposals to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and/or make structural changes to Medicaid. NAMD has not taken positions on proposals related to the ACA or structural changes to the Medicaid program. Rather, these […]

NAMD Legislative and Regulatory Priorities for 2017

NAMD’s legislative and regulatory priority documents outline opportunities to modernize the federal rules governing Medicaid to ensure these comport with the realities and expectations for states to run high performing Medicaid programs. NAMD believes these modernizations – in federal statute and in federal regulation – can have a meaningful, positive impact for Medicaid enrollees. See […]

NAMD Calls on CMS to Support “Next Generation” State Innovation Models

NAMD notified the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), of its strong support for a next generation SIM initiative to continue building state capacity to lead the movement to a value-based health care system. Read full letter.

NAMD Responds to Senators’ Revised ACE for Kids Proposal

NAMD provided comments to the Senate authors of a revised version of the Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act. Read full letter.

NAMD Advises House Committee Leaders on ACE Kids Proposal

NAMD provided comments to leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on their draft proposal to establish a pediatric health home option for Medicaid children with medically complex conditions. Read full letter.