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TIER 3: Strategic support for NAMD



The National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD) seeks proposals from consultants who can design and deliver three tiers of support for Medicaid leaders and their teams. These engagements can be either on an in-kind basis or as a paid contractual arrangement. The three tiers of support include:

TIER 1: Coaching and one-on-one support. This just-in-time program management and leadership support is intended to help Medicaid Directors and members of their senior team with time-limited coaching or light touch strategic guidance. We are seeking former Medicaid Directors to provide this assistance.

TIER 2: Skills building trainings. These trainings are for Medicaid leaders from all 50-states, D.C., and the territories and are designed to build or enhance the core skills that Medicaid leaders need to successfully administer the Medicaid program. We are seeking former Medicaid Directors or other former senior leaders in Medicaid programs to provide this assistance.

TIER 3: Strategic support for NAMD. Consultants will provide regular support to NAMD staff over the 12-month period of performance. This support will enhance the association’s internal knowledge and capacity in key areas of strategic focus. We are seeking former Medicaid Directors or other former senior leaders in Medicaid programs to provide this assistance.

NAMD will accept proposals until 5:00 p.m. ET on October 9, 2023. Bidders may submit proposals in one or more tiers of support.


NAMD delivers programming to Medicaid Directors and their teams that position and empower these leaders to drive high performing Medicaid programs. NAMD has a small team of staff responsible for building this programming that supports cross-program learning and sharing of best practices. NAMD is seeking to contract with up to three (3) consultants for a 12-month period of performance to enhance NAMD’s internal knowledge, programming, and capacity in four key areas of strategic focus for the association’s programming:

  1. Medicaid operations, including IT systems’ strategy
  2. Eligibility and enrollment
  3. Managed care procurement, contracting, and oversight
  4. Efforts to reduce health disparities in states and territories, across the ideological continuum

These consultants will engage with NAMD on a regular basis to provide assistance, guidance and support and may participate in NAMD programming as expert faculty. In addition, they will support the development of “101” materials to inform NAMD’s key partners on these and related areas of expertise.


NAMD will contract with the selected consultants for a fixed fee of $3000 per month. Any travel expenses will be reimbursed outside of the contract.

Submitting a Proposal

Complete the strategic support submission form by COB on 5:00 p.m. ET on October 9, 2023 to be considered.

Evaluation Criteria

NAMD will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria. The proposal demonstrates:

  • Lived experience leading a Medicaid program as a Medicaid Director or other senior Medicaid program leader
  • Expertise in one or more area of focus on which NAMD is seeking consultant support
  • An understanding of the needs and challenges facing Medicaid leaders and supports required to succeed


Call for proposals opens: September 21, 2023

Call for proposals closes: October 9, 2023

Invitations issued: Invitations will be issued on a rolling basis, beginning in late October with Tier 1 support. All invitations will be issued by December 1, 2023.


Intellectual property. All concepts, writings, and trainings, which are conceived or made by contractors, will be considered the sole and exclusive property of NAMD.

Conflicts of interest To protect the interests of Medicaid Directors and NAMD, we require all potential contractors and in-kind partners to complete a conflict-of-interest disclosure and provide a list of current clients. We recognize that in some cases contractors may not be able to disclose their relationships with other clients. Therefore, an expedited process asks the potential contractor to disclose the broad categories of clients with which they are doing business. For a list of such categories see the Sample NAMD Client Disclosure document. NAMD maintains disclosure statements for twelve months.  NAMD’S conflict of interest policy is reviewed annually by the Board Governance Committee.

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Drop us your email and we’ll keep you up-to-date on Medicaid issues.