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Jack Rollins, Director of Federal Policy at NAMD Discussed Automated Enrollment Systems during the Unwinding with Bloomberg Law.

Jack Rollins, director of federal policy at NAMD, discussed automated enrollment systems, or “ex parte” renewals during the unwinding with Bloomberg Law.

“A major part of states’ communications overhaul will be fortifying automated enrollment systems, Jack Rollins, director of federal policy for the National Association of Medicaid Directors, said.

“The more that states can maximize the success rate of the automatic enrollment process, the more that state will be able to alleviate the workload on those frontline eligibility workers, which is pretty important because what our members are trying to gear up for is having sufficient staffing and resources,” Rollins said.

Automatic enrollment, also known as “ex parte” renewal, uses demographic information from third parties like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to determine eligibility for Medicaid, circumventing the need for individuals to file paperwork with state Medicaid agencies.

Automatic renewals are essential for state strategies because they can help redirect resources used to pursue policyholders to other areas of the agency’s communications infrastructure like call centers dedicated to eligibility and enrollment actions, Rollins said.”

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