Many states face ongoing budget challenges while facing simultaneous growth in their Medicaid programs.  Medicaid directors are the senior leaders in states driving major innovations in health care while overseeing Medicaid, one of the nation’s most vital – and complex – health care safety net programs, which covers more than 72 million Americans. Medicaid directors work tirelessly to provide the best possible health care to vulnerable Americans while being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.

State Medicaid directors welcome the opportunity to strategically increase the efficiency and quality of their programs. Medicaid Directors are poised to leverage the power of the state as a purchaser to dramatically reform the provision of health care to millions of beneficiaries of public programs, but often lack the resources to effectively implement these improvements.

NAMD supports state-driven policies and practices that strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of Medicaid. Through numerous platforms, we foster state-to-state collaboration and communication on promising practices, common challenges and lessons learned in the field. NAMD is engaging states in shared learning around how Medicaid can drive delivery system and payment reforms. NAMD is committed to helping states develop responsible solutions that promote access to high-quality health care services for eligible members while protecting the integrity of Medicaid programs.

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