NAMD 2012 Medicaid Operations Survey; State Jobs

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November 14, 2012

From the NAMD Desk
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From the NAMD Desk

NAMD Releases Medicaid Operations Survey. NAMD is pleased to release the results from its First Annual Medicaid Operations Survey, which highlights the diversity and complexity of the job of state Medicaid Director. The summary and accompanying chartbook include responses from 45 of NAMD's members. The survey yielded significant findings the nation's Medicaid programs and its leadership. While some states programs may be considered relatively small, they are no less diverse or complex than in larger states in terms of beneficiary needs, covered populations and services, and federal rules and requirements. Furthermore, for the job description for the Medicaid Director ultimately does not vary at its core. But the position within the state bureaucracy, the professional responsibilities and training, and the experience of the individuals in these positions do differ widely among states. For the summary report and the chartbook, go to:

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Other Items of Interest

State Jobs: The following positions have recently been posted on the NAMD website.

  • Maryland - Director, HealthChoice and Acute Care Administration
  • Utah - Assistant Medicaid Director
  • Vermont - Chief Medical Officer
  • Vermont - Medicaid Medical Director
  • Oregon - Deputy Medicaid Director
  • Louisiana - Medicaid Medical Director
  • NAMD - Policy Analyst

For more information on these jobs, please click here.

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