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Blog: New Report Emphasizes Importance of State Medicaid Leadership

Today, the Milbank Memorial Fund released a report, “The Role of State Medicaid Directors: A Leadership Imperative,” that stressed the importance of effective leadership by state Medicaid Directors to positively influence federal and state-level Medicaid policies. Authored by Dr. Andy Allison, the report examines best practices of private-sector executive management and organizational structure, calling for states to invest in and support strong program leadership in Medicaid.

On behalf of the nation’s Medicaid Directors, we applaud this effort by the Milbank Fund to strengthen the administration of the nation’s largest health care program. No program is more vital to the nation’s safety net nor to state budgets.

The nation’s Medicaid Directors stand united in their efforts to provide the best possible health care to more than 70 million Americans, within very challenging budgetary constraints. The roles and responsibilities of the program and its administrators has grown in size and complexity over the years and it is critical that our support for its mission increases as well.

State Medicaid programs resemble Fortune 500 companies in many ways, and with the right investment in organizational capacity, Medicaid can produce cost savings and quality improvements that the payers, providers and beneficiaries all deserve.

Programs like the Medicaid Leadership Institute have helped to strengthen and support Medicaid Directors over the years—yet much more needs to be done. The report correctly lays out the types of sustained investments at both federal and state levels that are critical for ensuring that we can continue to provide world-class health care solutions for the most vulnerable patients in America. NAMD is committed to supporting these investments that will drive innovation in health care and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Medicaid.


Read the report and executive summary here. 

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